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All parents/guardians should read and understand the following information prior to taking part in any sessions.   We need to highlight key things to keep our sessions, and everyone participating in them, safe. Please make sure you are familiar with the information below and follow the guidelines.   Thank you


Pre arrival

  • Read all instructions and make sure you are fully prepared and have completed the necessary consent forms when booking.  

  • You must NOT travel and plan to participate if you, your child or anyone in your household is displaying any symptoms of the coronavirus. 

  • Details of the symptoms and what to do can be found here:

  • You will have time slot for arrival, which will be given separately to booking online.  It will be provided via text message.   

  • Please note we will not be able to accommodate early arrivals.

  • Please wash your hands and your child’s hands thoroughly before leaving home. 

  • Your child must arrive changed and ready to exercise.

  • Ensure your child takes their own water bottle and their own hand sanitiser, both clearly marked with their name. They must not share these with anyone else.

  • Please ensure your child/children know how to maintain good hygiene and hand washing.  


- A high temperature (above 37.8o C)?

- A new continuous cough?

- Shortness of breath?

- A sore throat?

- Loss of or change in normal sense of taste or smell?

- Feeling generally unwell?

- Been in close contact with/living with a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 in the past 2 weeks?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any one of the above, please DO NOT travel to the session and follow all applicable Government Guidance (e.g. call NHS 111). It is important to remember some people can pass on the virus before they develop symptoms, or never have symptoms despite being infectious. Despite everyone’s best efforts, these cannot be screened out of training.  

All participants and other attendees should follow best practice for travel, including minimising use of public transport. Participants should walk or cycle if possible. People from a household or support bubble can travel together in a vehicle. If participants do have to travel with people outside their household or support bubble they should try to:

• Share the transport with the same people each time

• Keep to small groups of people at any one time

• Open windows for ventilation

• Face away from each other

• Clean the car between journeys using standard cleaning products – including door handles and other areas that people may touch

• Ask the driver and all passengers to wear a face covering

• Consider seating arrangements to maximise distance between people in the vehicle

• Require regular hand sanitisation by passengers on a coach or minibus

• Limit the time spent at garages, petrol stations and motorway services

• When finishing the journey participants should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds


  • Please leave a space between cars in the car park.

  • Please arrive at the scheduled time.

  • On arrival parents can walk their child through the car park to sign in but must then return to their cars.  Parents cannot stand on the side of the pitch to watch sessions (sorry).

  • Players will then use hand sanitiser

  • There will be an individual area for drinks and any clothing, within 'bubbles'.  

  • Players and parents are asked to observe social distancing rules from the car to the pitches and stay 2 metres away from others.  


During the session

  • Players must stay in their 'bubbles'. 

  • In all settings during any breaks, all participants should practice social distancing, in line with Government guidelines on two metres or ‘one metre plus’. 

  • Players will be given very clear instructions during the session and must be fully focused and well behaved throughout.  

  • Sessions, at times, may move a little slower than usual in order to manage new restrictions.  

  • Competitive match play is now permitted, however, in all settings before and after matches all participants should practice social distancing.



  • Social distancing should be maintained at all times.  

  • Parents please be ready and available for collection at designated point.  

  • Please depart the venue as soon as possible.  



All injuries will be dealt with by the coach in your child's group. PPE will be supplied to the coaches by PACE in case of an injury. This will include face masks, gloves and hand sanitiser. 

Please make sure the consent for is completed or your child WILL NOT be able to attend the session as we will not be able to tend to injuries.


Key Reminders

  • Each participant should have their own:

    • Hand sanitiser (labelled with their name)

    • Water bottle (s) (labelled with their name) 

  • Prior to the session, parents must​:

    • Conduct Self screening ​process

    • Read and share the guidance with your child

NOTE: Should it become necessary, individuals must use the track and trace system to help stop any spread of COVID-19.  

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